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See all 10 photos. Once upon a time, when the Chevy Corvette still located its engine in its nose, it offered an appealing in-between performance trim. The C7 Corvette Grand Sport brought wider fender flares, suspension upgrades, and other performance goodies-essentially marrying the format of the more powerful Z06 with the entry-level Corvette Stingray's LT1 V-8 engine.

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A fuel cell is an electrochemical cell that converts the potential energy from a fuel into electricity through an electrochemical reaction of hydrogen fuel with oxygen or another oxidizing agent. Fuel cells are different from batteries in requiring a continuous source of fuel and oxygen usually from air to sustain the chemical reaction, whereas in a battery the chemical energy comes from chemicals already present in the battery. Fuel cells can produce electricity continuously for as long as fuel and oxygen are supplied. The first fuel cells were invented in The first commercial use of fuel cells came more than a century later in NASA space programs to generate power for satellites and space capsules.

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Roof flashing is a thin material, usually galvanized steel, that professional roofers use to direct water away from critical areas of the roof, wherever the roof plane meets a vertical surface like a wall or a dormer. Flashing is installed to surround roof features, such as vents, chimneys and skylights. Water should run down the side of the flashing and be directed to the shingles instead of finding its way into the roof deck. If there were no flashing against these walls, water could slowly drip into the crevice between the wall and the roof, and potentially into the home.