Haikyuu fanfiction hinata x oikawa lemon

Also check me out on twitter and ig! You could ship Hinata from haikyuu with anyone from the show and it would make sense. Fight me on it. Originally posted by cupcakeshakesnake. Not to brag, but I was writing the meta above 3 years ago, and Furudate kinda confirmed it.

And that was beautiful!! I saw lots of people surprised by the new development, so Just in case someone is wondering…. Since the very beginning, since their first meeting. I think these precious panels speak for themselves:. Uhhhh I might go back and do more eventually but ima call this finished for now.

This is just a doodle really but I still like it. I have found a new joy in writing Haikyuu fanfiction.

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JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most popular Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. Oikawa Kenma Atsumu Kageyama Hinata really has ever setter he has ever come across wrapped around his finger.

Oikawa x Hinata

Show more notes. I know. Im addicted. Flashover a short oihina piece for twt.This series meant a lot to so many people, so I hope this gives all of you a sweet moment to say goodbye to your favorite character. Its been a wild ride yall, lets get this tears train started.

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He thinks that leading people by example will stay a part of who you are. He knows he taught you the strength in being kind. He wont stop yelling about taking pride in who you are. Hes so sure that you will stay passionate about things you love. Hes sure that you wont ever apologize for who you are, no matter how different you are from others.

Hes pretty sure you will keep trying new things not because you have to, but because they make you happy. Hes sure that you wont stop taking care of the people you care about.

He knows you wont sweat the small stuff.

haikyuu fanfiction hinata x oikawa lemon

He never questions if you will ever stop taking joy in the little things in life. He gets the feeling that you know at its cool to be ok at multiple things and not a genius at just one, both types have value in this world. Hes never been good with words, but he wants you to know that you have always been strong. He doesnt think he could beat it into your head any more how far big dreams can really carry you. He hopes you follow yours.

The thought of you forgetting to be enthusiastic even in times of challenge never crosses his mind. He hopes you understand that living a proud life doesnt require fame, it just needs whatever makes you happy.

Hes pretty sure you know that your success wasnt due to the people around you, it was thanks to something inside you. He hopes you follow your passion wherever it goes, no matter how far it may take you from what others expect of you. Lets keep giving it our very best. Did someone order a tall glass of haikyuu shitposting? Wish me luck! Hey hey hey, sinners!

When does the masterlist list go live? Akaashi - deathcab4daddy. Bokuto - tetsurouskuro.

haikyuu fanfiction hinata x oikawa lemon

Hinata - des-the-girl. Iwaizumi - multifandhoem. Kenma - vixen-scribbles.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

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oikawa x hinata

So what do ya say Shorty, you in? Should he do it? Is it too late? Would he look stupid? Should he really do it? Is this a sign? Is it the alcohol? Why do I feel so brave all of a sudden?? When the Great King of Kurasano was assassinated, everyone expected his son, Prince Hinata to marry a strong affluent alpha from another country.

Never did they expect Prince Hinata to rise to the title of King, unmarried, and as an omega at that. To protect himself from the dangers of those who would seek to bring him down, King Hinata established the Black Crowes, an elite group of knights to protect, serve, and satisfy his every need and desire.

Kenma looks away quickly, face growing hot, despite the cool breeze that graces them. Kenma shoots Hinata a suspicious look.

haikyuu fanfiction hinata x oikawa lemon

Oikawa tooru is not someone who gives up. So what if there team never made it to natinals, he will beat Ushiwaka someday Well that's not the immediate concern right now. He sighned as he thought about there recent defeat.

So that they can defeat karasuno and that brilliant chibi chanWhile we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. We have new magnet and pin thank-you gifts for those who are able to make a donation! Everyone is infatuated with Hinata. Everyone wants to love him, give him chocolates and treat him the best he could possibly be treated.

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What they fail to realise is Hinata is not as innocent as they think, how many hearts can he break, how many volleygays can he lead on, let's find out. What the name says except I'm not following a prompt list cause I know that'll make me not wanna do it lmao.

Two people with similar personalities don't always get along, Hinata is about to learn this truth the hard way. In one corner we have Tooru Oikawa, Argentina's national team rising star, in the other Atsumu Miya, one of Japan's best setters. Needless to say they'd compete at sports, but the real fight is for Hinata's love and they're willing to do anything to be the winner. The game's on! Everyone got the distinct feeling of Icarus whenever they lingered too close to Shoyo.

It wasn't his fault. He was upfront about his intentions, but that didn't change that sometimes people fell in love with people they shouldn't. When Hinata and Oikawa end up mates, Hinata isnt very happy. Will they be able to settle into their new relationship, or will everything crumble around them? There is something oddly comforting—and alluring, Tooru thinks to himself as he gazes softly at the prince across from him—in the way Shouyou softly recites poetry in afternoon glow.

Fate for most people chooses their soulmate. But, when the universe fails to provide the opportunity to meet, certain people over time have decided to choose mates for themselves. But what happens when his soulmate finally makes his appearance once Hinata has moved on? A series of one shots about some of the various haikyuu ships there are. Might be alternate universe, might be not.

An old flame pops out. This work is the first of many Oihina missing moments in the series "The spaces between us". Basically, if haikyuu was a bunch of horny teenagers being caught in the act. One-shots of your favorite parings in awkward situations. Years later and he finally gets his reply from their wounded messenger owl a week after the genocide of an entire nation.A few numbers of volleyballs hit the clearly cleaned floor of the ball game grounds of Karasuno Sougou Sports Park while the other flew in the air from one side to another in the gym.

People's loud chattering had the atmosphere completely active. Many Karasuno people came to watch the match of the champion of the Spring High. They were still in their warm up section, but every member of Karasuno was filled to the brim with excitement and acting wild, especially Tanaka, Nishinoya, Kageyama and Hinata.

I thought I was in the perfect position to hit it, but seems like I was wrong. You need to lower your hips a little more to receive a ball like that. A singing voice appeared from the entrance of the gymnasium. The girl audiences who came to watch the match went crazy at once, squealing loud.

Both team members' attention was set on the person at the door. Standing there was, no other than, the famous boy, Oikawa Tooru with his lady-killing smile. A vein popped out at Kageyama's temple from seeing his senpai. Oikawa walked towards them. Lower your hips. It's just like this. Oikawa stepped closer. Their bodies were dangerously closed.

He placed his head beside Hinata's. That's good. Now you should swing them in this angle and hit the ball, sent it back to where it came from.

Tooru whispered the instruction words into Hinata's ears seductively. Shivers ran down through Hinata's spine. He immediately moved away from Oikawa. His face was pale from the surprise. In front of them was a super pissed off Kageyama. Oikawa never taught him a thing even though he was his junior and he even asked him to teach him. So why was he teaching Hinata so willingly?

He was emitting dark aura so much that if a plant were placed near him, it could die at once. Tanaka and Nishinoya squeaked. Tsukishima mocked him. The back of Oikawa's head met with a flying volleyball, producing a loud sound.

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Oikawa lost his control and almost fall down. He looked to find who the sender was and found Kageyama with another ball in his hand. Hinata was stunned. Your tosses are so difficult to hit today. But, control yourself. Get your head in the game. We don' know how to deal with Kageyama.Grand King: Do well at practice! He was dating the captain of Aoba Johsai's volleyball team, Oikawa Tooru, and he hasn't told anyone yet.

The only people who know are the entirety of Oikawa's team. And school. He told everyone who would listen, according to Iwaizumi-san. Hinata hurried into the clubroom to change for practice, setting his phone on a chair he greets his teammates and begins changing. Meanwhile his phone is vibrating nonstop on the chair and it doesn't go unnoticed by everyone else in the room. A girlfriend? Tell your senpai! Hinata hurriedly picked up his phone to see message after message of Oikawa pestering him for not not saying "I love you" back.

So Hinata quickly sent the "I love you" and an apology before shutting off his phone and throwing it into his bag, completely unaware of the tell tale blush creeping up on his face.

Practice had ended and everyone was cleaning up in the gym. Hinata checked his phone and to his horror saw his world come crashing down before his eyes. The last text was sent a minute ago. That means Oikawa is almost to the gym. Hinata screamed and started running towards the door hoping to catch Oikawa before he could make it to the gym. No one knew he was dating Oikawa, or even that he was gay, but he knew that was about to change unless he could stop his boyfriend in time.

At the mention of Hinata, Oikawa stepped back from Hinata a little to see his face furiously red and the begging of embarrassed tears in his eyes. Sugawara came to Hinata's side, pushing Oikawa out of the way. I know you probably want to tell us when you were ready, but don't be upset! I didn't mean for it to upset you. I don't know why I was so worried about it. The look on Oikawa's face showed how exhausted he already was just thinking about Hinata's endless energy.Big Brother really is watching.

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