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Walther - the name that is known not just to shooting enthusiasts, government operatives or Olympic athletes.

Walther is a name that is known to many outside of those categories. Walther air guns, and blank guns are perfect replicas of their firearm counterparts. Walther BB guns that shoot steel BBs, Walther airsoft gunsand Walther pellet guns, continue to set standards for the industry. Walther has something for everyone, offering air pistols, air rifles, air soft guns and blank guns.

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Walther is synonymous with quality and you can't go wrong whether it's with a Walther air pistol, air rifle, air soft gun or blank gun. Product Details Item comes in various specifications. Check product details to select what is best for you. Umarex Airgun Pellet Mag. Add to Cart. Walther CP99 Compact. Walther CP88, Blued, 6 inch barrel. Walther CP99 Compact magazines. Walther CP99 Compact Nickel.

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Walther P22 Special Operations, Black. Walther MaximaThor Air Rifle. Walther Parrus Air Rifle, Wood. Walther Rotek Air Rifle. Walther P22 Special Operations Clear. Walther Airsoft 6mm BB Speedloader.

Walther Dominator Combo. Walther CP99 removable CO2 magazine. Special Order Limited Quantities. Check product details for delivery time. Walther Xenon Tactical Flashlight, 60 Lumens.Shop Guns. A leader in innovative designs for more than years, Walther Arms is trusted by law enforcement agencies around the world and is the brand of choice for many competitors. Walther Arms is also the choice of James Bond, the legendary, but fictional, secret agent.

Founded inWalther Arms is a world-renowned German gunmaker known for manufacturing high-quality firearms. Walther Arms has been an industry leader for more than a century, with Carl Walther and his son, Fritz, creating the first successful blow-back semi-automatic pistol in Today, Walther continues to be a performance leader in the industry.

So confident in their products, Walther backs each of their guns with a day love it or your money-back guarantee. Born of innovative ideas and the finest craftsmanship, Walther handguns are rugged, yet easy to handle. They are frequently selected for concealed carry and competition and are also chosen by military, security, and law enforcement agencies across the globe. Each of these handguns have unique features and serve different purposes.

This semi-automatic pistol is a true legend born from a groundbreaking idea about concealed carry. It is available in black or stainless, with some models offering a walnut grip. A tried and true design, the PPK delivers unrivaled performance fit for a secret agent.

Trusted by law enforcement agencies across the globe, the Walther P99 is a semi-automatic handgun chambered in 9mm with a round capacity. Powered by feedback from professionals, Walther has continuously improved on the P99 over the years, creating a solidly built pistol that delivers outstanding performance, even in less than ideal conditions. Features include interchangeable backstraps, non-slip grip, corrosion-resistant Tenifer coating, and adjustable 3-dot sights.

The Tenifer-coated slide and barrel provide corrosion resistance, while the cross-directional non-slip grip offers greater control. The PPQ additionally features a trigger that Walther refers to as the best on the market. Made specifically for concealed carry, the Walther Arms CCP features a gas-delayed blow-back system that aids in reduced felt recoil.

It is chambered in 9mm and offers an 8-round capacity. The CCP also features a non-slip grip, steel barrel, low-profile 3-dot sights, front and rear slide serrations, and a lightweight trigger pull.

The Walther Q4 Tac delivers unmatched proficiency in a versatile platform made to meet individual needs. This handgun allows the user to easily switch between optics and iron sights. The slide stop and paddle-style magazine release are both ambidextrous, while unparalleled ergonomics provide comfort and ease of use for left- or right-handed users.

Walther Arms is known for high-quality craftsmanship, but with a wide range of both new and used options, Guns. Most polymer striker fired pistols have acceptable features, but the Walther PPQ Q4 Tac pistol goes well beyond the standard. Walther on the return of the iconic PPK pistol.

The five-year journey involved navigating regulatory hurdles and setting up shop to ensure new Walther PPK pistols met the same quality standards as the original. The Guns. Home Walther Handguns. About Read More. Popular Models Read More.

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walther rifles

Helpful Articles. Walther on the return of the iconic PPK pistol The five-year journey involved navigating regulatory hurdles and setting up shop to ensure new Walther PPK pistols met the same quality standards as the original.

Your browser does not support the video tag.Products found: 46 Search results for: in 11 ms. Selected products for comparison: 0 Comparar. Browse our extensive selection of products from Walther Arms including firearms, parts, magazines, accessories and more. Walther guns are backed up by a lifetime warranty guarantee because of their superior performance and durable construction.

Walther prides itself on the work of their in-house gunsmiths who deliver these sturdy firearms. Walther handguns make a great choice for personal protection because of their reliability and ergonomical design. They perform well in concealed carry situations because of they are light enough to be carried all day if need be. As a premiere online distributor of firearms and supplies, DEGuns offers guns, ammunition, parts and more from Walther at unbeatable prices. Aside from being a visually pleasing handgun with its matte black finish, the PK is small, which makes it a popular choice for women who need a concealed carry gun to store in a purse or handbag.

It is 6. The Walther P22 is a stylish yet powerful handgun well suited to target practice on the shooting range or out at camp.

walther rifles

This season marks a first for Walther firearms in carrying our legendary lifetime guarantee on operation, function and service. No matter what, once you purchase a Walther you know you are getting the very best in customer support and a warranty that sticks with the firearm no matter where it goes.

Once you see the Walther name you know you can count on flawless functioning and superior performance. Our in-house customer service team and gunsmiths are second to none. Our qualified technical staff will make sure you are always taken care of. Handguns Rifles Shotguns Types. Add to cart. Walther Dealer Polo - Black. Out of Stock. Walther P22 QD. Walther PPQ.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

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New Customer? Start Here. Items showing available on the website may not be in-stock at our stores. Please contact us if you have a question.

We appreciate your patience as we continue to work through all of these issues to fulfill your orders as quickly as possible. Tombstone Tactical proudly sells firearms and accessories the from following manufacturers:. Tombstone Tactical Navigation nav. Search Site. Sign In New Customer? Navigation nav. New Products See All. Actual Price:. Our price is lower than the manufacturer's "minimum advertised price. You have no obligation to purchase the product once you know the price.

You can simply remove the item from your cart. Just Right Carbines. Yankee Hill Machine. Would you like to be one of the first to receive exclusive information about the latest collections, offers and events from this online shop? Then subscribe to our free newsletter now! Close Window. Continue shopping.Military, police, and other government security groups in every country of the world have relied on the high-quality craftsmanship and rugged durability of Walther branded products.

Walther sporting firearms have also been the competitor's choice since they first appeared in the Olympic Games. Today, Walther continues its long tradition of technical expertise in the design and production of firearms as well as in airguns. You have no items in your shopping cart. Pellet Pistols.

Walther Handguns

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Airsoft Magazines. Paintball Magazines. Airgun Pellets. Airgun BBs. Airsoft BBs. Airgun Bullets. Pellet Rifles. BB Gun Rifles. Airsoft Rifles. Paintball Rifles. View as Grid List. Display 24 48 per page. The end result is a BB gun that is ideal for training. Walther Terrus Break Barrel.

Mount and cord switch sold separately. Hammerli Dominator. Amoeba Avalon Airsoft View all. Popular tags. Opening Time Monday - Friday 8. All rights reserved. Powered by nopCommerce.The LGR was the first match air rifle that employed the then futuristic single-stroke pneumatic method as power source. This use of pre compressed air introduced the advantages of recoilless and vibration free shooting in combination with a well-made air rifle into the sport.

It took other manufacturers a decade before they also introduced single-stroke pneumatic match air rifles.

Walther Reign 22 *Full Review*

After a long development period the Walther LGR emerged as the main rival of the successful Feinwerkbau S match air rifle series, that were powered by a spring-piston coupled with an ingenious recoil absorbing system that allowed the barrel and receiver to slide back and forth on a rail system. The complex Feinwerkbau S design had up to that moment dominated the 10 metre air rifle shooting sport.

Immediately after its introduction in the LGR broke the individual and team 10 metre air rifle world records. This record breaking made the international shooting union, known as the UIT back then, but today the International Shooting Sport Federation ISSFdecide to reduce the size of the 10 metre air rifle target to its current dimensions.

walther rifles

Other match air rifle manufacturers reacted to the introduction of the Walther LGR by further refinement of spring piston rifles.

These late spring piston era match air rifles, the Anschutz LG and the Diana Model 75, were certainly of high quality and very accurate, but spring piston technology, with its complex recoil cancellation mechanisms and slow lock times, was no longer cutting edge. The Walther LGR kept on dominating match air rifle shooting and held many records until the introduction of the Feinwerkbau series single-stroke pneumatic air rifles in The Feinwerkbau was easier to cock than the Walther LGR, lessening shooter fatigue over a 60 shot match and had an even faster lock time.

The LGR system is a purpose-designed high end match air rifle, rather than an accurised version of an existing, general-purpose air rifle. As such the LGR stocks and systems were offered in right and left versions. The LGR shoots virtually recoilless and vibration free, since only a few small trigger parts, a light striker piece and lever that open a small air valve in a compression chamber and the 4.

This minimal movement and balance shifts coupled to a fast lock time favour the practical accuracy capability and made the LGR superior to previous match air rifle designs. As in any air gun the air seals wear during use and have to be replaced when leaks occur. The heart of the TRG system is its receiver that houses a single stroke pneumatic power system that is operated by the users muscle power with a side-mounted cocking lever.

While the cocking lever is pulled back a constant volume of surrounding air rushes through air intake holes into the cylinder. During this operation the trigger is also cocked.

On pushing the cocking lever back forward the air is compressed by a piston to a constant much smaller volume in a compression chamber. The hinge mechanism that connects the cocking lever to the air cylinder piston protrudes out of the rifle at the rear of the air cylinder under the back sight.

The lever sports a large synthetic bulbous knob that provides a firm grip when cocking the rifle. The early LGR rifles had a reputation under smaller framed persons for being physically strenuous to cock during extended training and match sessions compared to the Feinwerkbau match air rifles. This problem was addressed by improving the cocking system, though the improved Walther LGR still required more effort to cock compared to the Feinwerkbau series. The two-stage trigger mechanism displays an adjustable trigger pull weight of to g 3.

The advantage of these features is to prevent trigger movement in an inappropriate direction that would cause the rifle to move off target. Trigger travel is short with no noticeable over-travel. The TRG has an automatic safety located in the trigger system. Loading the rifle is done by opening a flip up loading trap with a double air seal made out of PTFE polymer. The pellet can than be shoved directly into the barrel. After that the trap can be lowered and locked into position again. Though appearing a straightforward engineering solution, the loading trap mechanism provided the most problems during the development phase.Walther Arms has been renowned throughout the world for its innovation since Carl Walther and his son, Fritz, created the first semi-automatic pistol in the year Today, the innovative spirit of its founders lives on as Walther celebrates years as one of the world's leading premium manufacturers of sporting, defense, and law enforcement firearms.

We asked our readers to weigh in on their top defensive handgun, we got thousands of responses over the course of a couple weeks and ranked them by brand. While people often refer to investing in precious metals such as gold and silver, guns and ammunition can also be very wise investments. Here are our top picks for beginner friendly handguns chambered in 9mm for people wanting to get into competitive shooting.

Millions of gun owners have turned to Guns. The Guns. Home Walther. Top Defensive Handguns According to Guns. Handguns for New Competitive Shooters Here are our top picks for beginner friendly handguns chambered in 9mm for people wanting to get into competitive shooting.

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